Trip Information

Required Items

  • Fishing license

              * Pennsylvania license 

              * Ohio license 

  • Food & Beverages in small cooler
  • Dress for anticipated forecast

              * Erie, PA Weather

  • Sunglasses/Sunscreen/Hat
  • Large cooler to transport fish

Company policies 

  • Deposit of $150.00 is required to reserve fishing charter. We do offer weather protection at zero cost to the customer. Our customer service team will help reschedule or refund your deposit if the weather is unsafe.
  • Outstanding balance must be paid in full with CASH prior to departing dock. We accept all major credit cards until the day before the charter. Cards will NOT be accepted as payment the morning of trip.
  • Cancellations: XTR Fishing Charters reserves the right to cancel trips due to unsafe conditions. If a cancellation is necessary another date will be scheduled or deposit will be refunded with our weather protection policy.
  • Illegal substances, bananas and glass containers are prohibited.

Experience guided adventures by elite professionals of the fishing industry- Lake Erie Bass Charters

Experience guided adventures by elite professionals of the fishing industry- Lake Erie Bass Charters

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Most demanded charters

Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass Fishing; Presque Isle Bay, Erie Pennsylvania. Bay Front City of Erie

Lake Erie Bass Charters

Erie Bass Charters are a Smallmouth Bass anglers dream. Trips depart from Presque Isle Bay in Erie, Pennsylvania. Spring Smallmouth Bass fishing heats up as the fish enter Presque Isle Bay in April. Water temperatures become ideal during May for spawning. As water temperatures rise during the month of June, Smallmouth Bass will begin to leave Presque Isle Bay. Lake Erie Smallmouth Bass fishing does not slow down during the summer months as some may think; fishing tactics merely evolve. Smallmouth Bass fishing on Lake Erie turns into a feeding frenzy again in the fall months as they prepare for the winter. Captain Cory has been Bass Fishing Lake Erie and Presque Isle Bay his entire life. We want to share our passion of Smallmouth Bass Fishing on Lake Erie with you. 

Lake Erie Walleye Fishing offers fun for all ages. Erie Pennsylvania - Erie Fishing Charters

Lake Erie Walleye Charters

Lake Erie Walleye Charters are a great way to fill the freezer. Trophy sized Walleye can be targeted in all water temperatures. Lake Erie Walleye fishing is productive year round, offering many styles of fishing from trolling, casting and jigging. Erie Walleye fishing charters start as early as ice out. As water temperatures warm up, Lake Erie walleye will migrate east from the spawning grounds as they seek out colder water and dense schools of bait. Erie Pennsylvania turns on at night during May for trophy sized walleye. The day time walleye frenzy begins in June and progresses into September. Lake Erie Walleye fishing can be a great getaway for the entire family. 

Lake Erie offers World-Class Lake Trout fishing. Erie Pennsylvania Lakers - Erie Fishing Charters

Lake Trout Charters

Lake Trout Charters are best described as a visit to Jurassic Park. Lake Trout have been known to live up to 60 years. During the warm water months these Lake Erie dinosaurs can be found dwelling on or near the bottom of the lake. During the spring and fall seasons, Lake Trout move up shallow. Late fall and into the winter months, Lake Erie can offer some world class Lake Trout fishing as they spawn on shallow reefs. Catching a Lake Trout can be the fight of your life.